HCL Software is a division of HCL Technologies (HCL) that operates its primary software business. It develops, markets, sells, and supports over 20 product families in the areas of DevOps, Automation, Digital Solutions, Data Management, Marketing and Commerce, and Mainframes. HCL Software has offices and labs around the world to serve thousands of customers. Its mission is to drive ultimate customer success with their IT investments through relentless innovation of its products. For more information, please visit www.hcltechsw.com.


HCL Products & Platforms areas include DevOps, Security, Automation, Application Modernization, Data and Integration Infrastructure, and several Business Applications. HCL embraces the real-world complexity of multi-mode IT that ranges from mainframe to cloud and everything in between while focusing on customer success and building ‘Relationships Beyond the Contract.’


DevOps is an approach that brings together development and operations. HCL DevOps is an enterprise capability that enables the continuous delivery, continuous deployment and continuous monitoring of applications. Products include:

Software Development

Low Code

Release, Deliver, Measure




Gain complete visibility and control to optimize your business with automation. HCL Automation simplifies and standardizes your environment to manage business critical systems, reduce operating costs and deliver new services faster. Products include:

Workload Automation

Marketing Software

Data Management

Organizations are experiencing an explosion of data, structured and unstructured, created by people and devices every second. Companies that adopt new technologies and react to this data to enhance the customer experience will gain an edge on competitors. The HCL Data teams have the experience and expertise to get you there. Products include:

Data Management


Marketing Software


Mainframes are one of the most scalable, secure and proven platforms, evolved by decades of continuous enhancements. The HCL Mainframes teams are focused on innovating, not just chasing the latest trends but real innovation that solves customer problems and creates real value. With careful planning and the right strategic intent, mainframes can enable innovation with great ROI for your business.

Digital Solutions
Digital Solutions

HCL Digital Solutions offers a secure, flexible, and powerful market leading foundation in which your organization can deliver a consistent, creative and connected set of digital experiences to communicate. Drive business transformation and attain profitable outcomes.

Marketing & Commerce
Marketing & Commerce
Product List
Product List A-Z
Product Demos
Product Demos

Add tremendous value to your organization with these battle-tested products. Get firsthand experience now.


We are innovating (big and small) to solve real customer problems. Innovations are fresh business and technology solutions that we are developing and delivering in response to our customers. Innovations can small feature enhancements or full-blown new products like HCL Clara and HCL HERO, which we are highlighting below. Check back often to see what’s new.

  • HCL Clara

HCL Clara

Meet Clara!

Clara is an automation chatbot ready to assist you through voice and text. Clara can be customized and used on mobile devices, web browsers, and on popular chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Skype, Twitter, Slack and more. Clara can access your automation knowledge base, provide recommendations and perform tasks.

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  • Manage how-to questions for efficient backend support

  • Capture problems and guide the team in troubleshooting actions

  • Ask Clara to automate business processes and run tasks for you


HERO – Healthcheck and Runbook Optimizer

HERO is a fully customizable dashboard allowing you to control the health of your workload automation environment. Access and monitor HERO from the web or your tablet. Track and take action on performance KPI’s instantly.

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  • Monitor the health of multiple environments on a single dashboard

  • Control workload schedules and prevent queue exhaustion failures

  • Analyze resource usage and increase scalability

Client Advocacy

A customer centric approach is the foundational element of the HCL Products business philosophy. Our goal is to build stronger partnerships with our customers and ensure their long-term success with our product portfolio.

Cohesive and collaborative approach to the client relationship
Proactive communication on product news and updates
customer centricity
Active support for client’s product usage and business needs
Deep understanding of the client's business and challenges
Frequent touchpoints with product roadmaps


Partner Resell Program

Partner Resell Program

Sell HCL software directly to your customers. Products currently included in the program:

IP Partners

IP Partners

Partnerships to build industry-leading solutions. Current IP partners include:

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HCL Support organization has expertise to provide you with quality responsive software support. We can help maximize the value of your software investment by providing comprehensive technical support and updates for software products. Find the latest information on products and servers, submitting tickets, and joining communities on our Support portal.